Five Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is in the air!

Here at Mary, Mother of the Light Academy (MMOLA), we love fall. With cooler weather, family activities and the holidays right around the corner, what’s not to love?

Fall is also an ideal time to get crafty with the little ones. Kids are especially imaginative, so we’ve compiled a collection of fall crafts for kids that will encourage creativity and get them excited about the season.

These fall crafts are great for parents and teachers alike!

1.         Painted Puzzle Piece Tree: Vibrantly colored leaves are one of the first indications that fall is here! You’ll be amazed by how some painted puzzle pieces and a brown paper sack transform into a beautiful fall tree. It’s a great visual to help kids understand the wonderful changes that fall brings!








2.         Fall Leaf Print: Here’s another great fall craft idea for preschoolers.  This easy leaf-themed craft will allow kids to make something crafty from the fall foliage. Head outside with the kids and find some of their favorite leaves, then paint them with some autumn colors to make this beautiful fall leaf print. Mother nature is a great source of craft inspiration!





3.         Pine Cone Turkey: This cute pine cone turkey allows you to get crafty with mother nature! You’ll need a pinecone, some colorful felt, a couple of googly eyes, glue, scissors and voila! If you can’t find pinecones outside, you can find them at your local craft store. These cute little turkeys make a great Thanksgiving table center piece.







4.         Paper Bag Owl Puppet: Grab a paper bag, crayons, scissors and glue and you’ve got yourself a paper bag owl puppet. This craft includes a printable template to make things easier for you. If you really want to embrace the autumn season, you can substitute some fall leaves for the wings. Bring on the puppet shows!






5.         Pumpkin Seed Fall Craft: Here’s a fun autumn craft idea that even the littlest crafters can enjoy. There’s so much you can do with your leftover pumpkin seeds, so don’t get rid of them! This simple pumpkin seed fall craft is a great way to recycle your seeds. All you need is a little paint, some glue, cardboard and a marker.





Mary, Mother of the Light Academy is passionate about letting our preschoolers express themselves creatively through art. In fact, weekly art classes are included in our program, and one of our favorite preschool activities is Art Expression!

Be sure to let us know how your autumn crafts turned out! Send a photo to us via Facebook!

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