Our Philosophy

At Mary, Mother of the Light Academy, we believe in providing environmental stimulation through educational play and exposure to varied learning experiences.  We encourage social interactions, independence, and problem solving as the children seek to expand their interests and abilities through relationships with other children and with their teachers. We want children to develop a love for God, a love for learning, a love of people, and a love of life!  A rich early childhood educational experience is a sound basis for later school years and a healthy adult life.

Our Mission

The mission of Mary, Mother of the Light Academy is to meet each child’s individual needs and enhance his or her learning in the Catholic educational tradition. As educators, we are aware that each child will develop according to his or her environmental surroundings and internal time clock. It is our educational objective to develop children's social abilities, emotional capabilities, physical skills and spiritual growth in a warm, loving, and secure environment.



"Dear Families,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to Mary, Mother of the Light Academy (MMOLA)! Our mission is to provide children in the Jupiter and Tequesta area with a loving and nurturing preschool environment, allowing for social and emotional growth in the Catholic tradition. We believe interaction among children, parents, and staff is the key ingredient for providing a comforting and secure school.  

The goal of MMOLA is to provide a quality program that is safe, fun and affordable. Our programs offer age appropriate activities under the supervision of a competent, trustworthy, caring and qualified staff that understands and meets the needs of the children in our care. Another goal of MMOLA is to support children's desire to be life-long learners. 
At MMOLA, we believe that during the hours that the children are away from home, they should be provided with a quality program of well supervised activities that stimulates new interests, encourages creativity and builds self-confidence, while providing their parents with peace of mind."

Judy Harris
Director, MMOLA


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